• Supplying anti-corrosive pigments to the
    automotive, agricultural, marine,
    industrial infrastructures and construction industries

  • Our Zinc Phosphate extends the life-span of durable
    metallic goods and is widely used throughout the world

Welcome to Delaphos

A Global Manufacturer of Anti-Corrosive Zinc Phosphate

About Us

Delaphos is an internationally-recognised Zinc Phosphate-based corrosion-inhibiting additive for the paint and coatings industry. Manufactured from the highest quality raw materials at our West Midlands factory in the United Kingdom, it is the key anti-corrosive ingredient in a number of well-known paints and coatings.

The well-respected Delaphos brand is now part of the JPE group of companies. Under the new management regime, the customer base has been expanded worldwide through the opening up of new Agencies and markets. Our history

Zinc Phosphate

Our Zinc Phosphate extends the life span of durable metallic goods, thus contributing to restraining the exploitation of non-renewable natural resources.

The Phosphate ions act as anodic corrosion-inhibitors by phosphating the steel and rendering it passive. The Zinc ions act as cathodic corrosion inhibitors. Corrosion protection is also important to prevent loss of adhesion (blistering) between the paint and metal surface. Learn more about our products

Commitment to Excellence

Delaphos has been a leading brand of Zinc Phosphate over many years and is synonymous with high purity and cost-effectiveness. We strive to excel in every aspect of our business and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed.

Zinc Phosphate: Voted as Most Promising Anti-corrosive Pigment for Coating Protection

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