Delaphos // About Us and our History

Zinc Phosphate was originally developed in the UK as a high purity non-toxic alternative to Zinc Chromate and Red Lead. It is now used as an extremely effective anti-corrosive additive in paints and coatings, which significantly improves their ability to withstand the most arduous conditions.

Delaphos has been a leading brand of Zinc Phosphate over many years and is synonymous with high purity and cost-effectiveness. In the past, Delaphos has been manufactured by leading companies including Trident Alloys and Mazak.

In March 2009 the Delaphos brand and manufacturing business was purchased by JPE Holdings Ltd. JPE has been trading for more than 40 years, with a core business centred around construction and waste management at Delaphos was purchased to complement its business activities.


With a ‘hands on’ management approach, the company is continually working to provide the high levels of service, flexibility and relationships that our customers expect in the 21st century.

Our experienced team continue to manufacture the internationally-recognised Delaphos brands from the well-established production facility in the UK. We continue to supply leading paint and coatings manufacturers around the world, providing them with the consistent product quality and standards that have come to be expected from the Delaphos name.

Extract from Coatings Journal Publication 2011 Late in 2008

The coatings industry was dealt a blow to supplies of Zinc Phosphate through the premature and unannounced collapse of Mazak in the UK who were the manufacturers and suppliers of the well respected Delaphos. range.

Fortunately local businessman Colin Price, Chairman of JPE Holdings Ltd recognised the potential of this sector and decided to step in. Following a period of negotiations with receivers and other interested parties, JPE Holdings successfully secured the ongoing manufacturing capacity and the trading name of Delaphos and production resumed in April 2009.

Since this time JPE has sought to repair the damage caused to consumers by the demise of Mazak and has successfully recovered much of what had thought to be lost forever. With a new backer, the Delaphos brand name has now spread farther round the world using the inherited agents and through the establishment of new ones. The company prides itself on its ability to offer short term delivery in a wide variety of package forms and is fully ISO 9000 and REACH compliant.

As for the future, the Company plans to further expand its international markets and to invest in new technology within the process itself to reduce its carbon footprint. To learn more about the approach taken by the new owners of Delaphos, go to