If you experience any technical difficulties with this website, please contact our website design company David Vidgen Ltd. They are a Inbound Marketing Agency in Birmingham who specialise in website design, conversion marketing and websites for small businesses where the primary purpose is to convert visitors into new customers. If you can, take screen grabs of any error messages, or list the problems you encounter and send them via email to David Vidgen Ltd.

With over 20 years experience in Internet Marketing, they are the perfect partner, proving time and time again that they understand our customers, their expectations and how they use the internet to find our products and services.

You can also connect with David Vidgen Ltd on:

Whilst most web design companies focus on website design, the principle focus of David Vidgen Ltd is to create a functional site that attracts visitors, converts and is profitable. They believe there is no point having the best website design, if it doesn’t convert or nobody can find you. Online visibility is paramount, along with conversions. David Vidgen Ltd build websites that add to the bottom line…

“When we built the Delaphos website, the primary aim was to improve search visibility, locate your nearest agent, and to attract new global agents. The key is to have a website that explains straight away what the website is all about and without the need to scroll or click through to other pages. Because visitors can enter your website and land on many different pages, this requires each page to be clear and concise. If your visitors need to think, then you are going to run into problems.” Explained David.